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Game Bot

A YouTube channel for younger players.

The idea for GameBot came to me when quarantine for COVID 19 hit. YouTube had blown up and gaming channels were popping up everywhere. I soon understood that many of these channels weren't PG and that they weren't made for younger audiences. 

With this knowledge in mind, I created a branding project on the idea of creating a YouTube channel for younger ages. GameBot is just that, a channel that displays tutorials and walkthroughs of popular games for younger ages. I decided to really go with a playful theme for this YouTube channel as well as create a fun logo that had a focus on shading, symmetry, and movement

To complete the branding project, I created a short animation of the logo, as this would be displayed before every YouTube video. I also wanted to give the brand a presence on social media and created a look for it in mocked up posts that it might display on its profile. 

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