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Learn the Trade!

Trade Floor was a commissioned project I was asked to do. For the project I was asked to create an elegant yet sharp logo that would appeal to the brand's identity. Trade Floor is a very small group of teachers who hold discord sessions, teaching younger people how to invest in the stock market and perform day trading. I was asked to create marketing apparel for them and business cards. 

For the business cards, I wanted something that was refined, but would stand out prominently. I decided to design a gold foil pressed card that was very minimalistic on one side, and very professional on the opposing side. I created a grid system for both, and stuck to very basic colors as was requested for printing. 

For the shirt, I decided to use a modern typography technique, as the company was filled with relatively younger men and woman. I also wanted something that was still professional looking, as they would be viewed on camera, and so I went with the single logo print above the chest on the front side. Overall, Trade Floor's branding project went over very well, and I am happy to say we have more projects in the works at the moment. 

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