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about Mac Miller

 Album redesign

A tribute to one of my personal favorites.

Mac Miller is one of my favorite artists, and when he had passed it was very devastating to hear. As a way to pay tribute, his very last album released titled, "Circles" really spoke on behalf of life being a circle of repetitive motion and asking questions like; where does it end? I wanted to take this idea and to translate it into a redesign of the album cover, as well as a promotional poster of its release. 

I focused my design on patterns and a perspective system to create an illusion on the cover. Their was also a play on symbolism in the cover as well, like the figure walking towards the light. I also used a more modern technique of creating a warped text as the walk way to show the idea of getting through obstacles. The poster itself captures a different idea of the album. It shows the album withering away into loops of darkness as the songs are carefully displayed underneath. Mac Miller was an artist in himself and helped create many of the album covers he produced, and many have somewhere in the design a color gradient to show the colors he used. I wanted to use the design style within the poster to show his own kind of choice in the piece as well. 

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